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Get Started with JobMarche

How to get stated as a freelancer

When working on jobmarche it’s essential that you are able to manage your time when it comes to working on more than one project at a time, as well as working towards deadlines.

  • Create your profile (it’s free)

    After you successfully create you account and upload you verification document so that your account can be verified An eye-catching title and client-focused overview help us match you to the work you want. Include your work history, your skills, and your photo. Add more, like an introduction video, to create a profile that really stands out.

  • Start Bidding for projects

    Work and earn in different ways. Bid for jobs. Pitch your projects. Discuss your in-demand skills with our recruiters so they can find opportunities aligned with your passions and career goals. Do all three. Create a predictable pipeline and build your network.

  • Get paid securely

    Choose how you get paid. Our fixed-price protection releases client payments at project milestones. Hourly protection bills clients every week. However you work, our service fees are the same. Spend less time chasing, more earning.


How to get stated as an Employer

As an employer after you successfully create your account you will be upload your verification document for your account to be verified

  • Post a job or services

    Create easy-to-buy projects with Project Catalog™. Match your projects to what clients need. Be clear upfront by defining your scope, timing, price, and terms. Once we’ve approved your project, clients can start to buy.

  • Hire a freelancer

    Does your work stand out? Are your skills in demand? If you’re in development, design, or marketing, you can apply to our fast lane. Our recruiters will assess your hard-earned experience and match you to exclusive opportunities with trusted clients.

  • Pay securely

How payments work

WE support both local and international payments

Whether you’re paid hourly or on a fixed-price contract, all the work you complete comes with payment protection.

  • Bank Transfer

    Invoice clients and track your earnings on JobMarche for a simple and streamlined process.

  • Payment Gateways

    Use what works best for you—including direct deposit, PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer, and more.

  • Wallet System
  • No fees until you complete your work

    Our service fees are taken as a percentage of your earnings. We charge you based on 0n percentage of the work:

    • 5% for the employer
    • 5% for for freelancer